Student Data and Privacy

As you know, we have been working hard with the New Hampshire Chief Technology Officers on complying with the new state laws (HB1612) regarding student data privacy. We cannot use any software, applications, websites, or any other programs that collect student information unless it has been approved by the Consortium. To see a full list of the approved tools please visit the SDPC Resource Registry for SAU3 - these are being updated regularly. Please check to make sure the resources you are using are approved or are on the list to be approved.  If they are NOT Approved you cannot use them.  To check other NH approved tools you can search the State Resource Registry, this is a great resource to find already approved tools if the one you are using is not approved.

If the resource is not on this list or does not have "Active" in the Status column, it is not allowed to be used.

If you do not see a resource that you are using, please submit a HelpDesk ticket with the name and URL of the website or software.

*NOTE: This applies to any apps, websites, and software that contain student or staff personal information. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any websites students sign into or that use their email address

  • Anything that contains their name or biographical information

  • Anything that tracks any sort of progress

  • Notification, disciplinary, and/or behavioral websites and software

  • Anything containing pictures or any other personally identifiable information