Berlin Public Schools

Welcome to the Berlin Public Schools

The city of Berlin, N.H. serves 1,100 students, pre-kindergarten to grade 12 with the teaching and  learning support of 240 staff members.  We strive for excellence throughout the grade levels as we provide a school environment conducive to high student productivity within our goals and programs.

Berlin Elementary School, grades PreK - 2, is a Title I Schoolwide School with a strong literacy curriculum delivered in the response-to-intervention model. Grades 3 - 5, is also a Title I Schoolwide School.  Student data is reviewed to help support student instruction and achievement.

Berlin Middle High School serves grades 6 - 12. Grades 6-8 operates on a teaming and looping philosophy as supported by National League of Middle Schools' research.  This concept promotes student engagement, proactive and prosocial student behaviors.

Grades 9 - 12, is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) is a program attributed to an increase in student achievement by empowering students with decision making opportunities and personalizing the environment.  Berlin Middle High School is a regional Career and Technical Center. 

The culture and climate of our public schools is one of high expectations that promote student achievement and success for all students.  Our district's priority goals are to ensure academic growth of all our student groups by:

  • Response To Intervention model of instruction K-12

  • Data Team analysis to drive instruction

  • Parent, staff and student engagement and involvement

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Julie King, Superintendent of Schools

Berlin Elementary School

Tammy Fauteux, Principal

Sandy Pouliot, Assistant Principal K-2

Cynthia Pike, Assistant Principal 3-5

Kelly Maclean, School Counselor K-2

Krystal Herbert, School Counselor 3-5

Sharon Michalik, Administrative Assistant K-2

Bonnie Lowry, Administrative Assistant 3-5

Berlin Middle High School

Andy Rancloes, Principal

Anthony Valliere, Assistant Principal 6-8

Jesse Arsenault, Assistant Principal 9-12

Danielle Demers, CTE Director

Trista Bruns, School Counselor 6-8

Nancy Brannen, School Counselor 9-12

Marisa Lemoine, School Counselor 9-12

Michele Lamphere, Administrative Assistant

Lisa Picard, Administrative Assistant

Patricia Faucher, Guidance Office Administrative Assistant