Student Support Services

Office of Student Support

193 Pine Street
Berlin, NH 03570
Phone: 603-752-5068; Fax: 603-752-8565

Jason Hook

Director of Special Education Services
Section 504 Coordinator
Title II, VI, VII, IX

603-752-5068 x1172

Office Management Staff

603-752-5068 x1174

Linda Poulin

Speech Pathologist

603-752-5068 x1167

Kristen Waddell

Speech Pathologist

603-752-5068 x1237

Donna Church

Speech Pathologist

603-752-5068 x1177

Dr. Laurie Brodeur

School Psychologist

603-752-5068 x1175

Sarah Sarrette

School Psychologist

603-752-5068 x1168

Shannon Taylor

Special Services Coordinator

603-752-5068 x1173