• Berlin Title I Program Description 

    What is Title I?

    Title I is a federally funded program providing supplemental services in public and private schools. Programs vary in different communities. Berlin’s program provides support for students in reading and math at Berlin Elementary School. There are two types of Title I Programs—targeted assistance programs and schoolwide programs. A targeted assistance program is offered at qualifying private schools in which Berlin students are enrolled. Students are referred by their teachers to receive Title I services and are assessed and provided support by the Title I Staff. A schoolwide program is offered at Berlin Elementary School. All students are provided opportunities to benefit from Title I funds in a schoolwide model, with particular attention given to children at risk of not meeting the state’s college and career ready standards. A schoolwide school has an assessment system in place that screens and monitors the progress of all students. These extra supports are put into place for qualifying students for this short term program.

    What is The Goal?

    The goal of the Title I program is to work with classroom teachers and parents/caregivers to systematically address the needs of students in order for them to reach grade level benchmarks, increase confidence and improve school wide outcomes. This program is meant to be short term and supplemental to classroom instruction.

    What is Taught?

    Title I support time is designed to meet the student where they are in their learning and move them forward with the goal of closing gaps in skills and understanding. In general, the kindergarten program actively involves the students in reading readiness skills such as phonological awareness and skill building, letter identification, sound/symbol association, learning to recognize a few familiar words, learning how books work as well as early writing and number sense concepts. The program in grades 1-3 typically stresses learning to read, building basic reading foundational skills and strategy work in the areas such as phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension as well as the integration of all of those components for overall reading growth. The math program attends to building number sense and building fact fluency. In grades 4-5, the program continues to adapt support to close gaps in skill and strategy development with the goal of helping students reach grade level expectations.


    How are Parents\Caregivers Involved?

    An important part of the Title I program is to involve parents in their child’s education. Title I is represented at Parent Information Meetings held in the fall. Information such as Parents Right to Know, the Learning Compact, School/District Parent Policies and general information regarding Title I is available those nights. If unable to attend, this information is available at the school. An annual meeting is held in the spring as well. Parents/Caregivers are invited to attend, give input to help plan, design and evaluate the program. Please contact the schools if you would like information. Participation by parents/caregivers is encouraged at any open house, family event or special event held to support parents with information and knowledge on how best to support their child’s learning.

    We encourage input from our parents about the program. Parents may contact the schools directly to inquire about services and materials.

    Berlin Elementary School (PreK-5)

    Tammy Fauteux

    Karen Moore
    Title I Project Supervisor


    Policy KB - Title I Family and Community Engagement

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