• The Berlin Middle High School Guidance Department


    Mrs. Patricia Faucher
    Guidance Administrative Assistant
    (603)752-4122 x1504

    Mrs. Nancy Aikens
    School Counselor, grades 9-12
    Last Names A-K
    (603)752-4122 x1505

    Ms. Marisa Lemione
    School Counselor, grades 9-12
    Last Names L-Z
    (603)752-4122 x1555

    Ms. Trista Bruns
    School Counselor, grades 6-8
    (603)752-4122 x1548


    Berlin School District Guidance Mission
    The mission of the Berlin Public Schools’ school counselors is to prepare all students academically and socially to contribute at the highest levels as productive members of society, through a partnership of empowered students, educators, parents/guardians, and the community responsible for the learning process.